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Welcome to Distinguished Pets!

Hi, my name is Allie.  I am a 10 year Labradoodle dog with black fur.  Just like you, I'm extremely intelligent and completely irresistable.  My owner started this site for me and all my furry friends.   

Pet Beds to sleep on, Pet Bowls to eat from, Pet Carriers to travel in, Dog Furniture to live in, Cat Furniture to jump on.  All the stuff we want is here. I, for one, will not rest until we get it all. 

 Dog BedsCat BedsOrthopedicHeatedPillow. Beds of all shapes, and colors for ultimate relaxition and comfort.

Dog & Cat BowlsRaised BowlsDrinking Fountains.  Bowls of all sizes capable of holding huge amounts of delicious and tasty morsels...that must remain full at all times.

Dog Carriers & Cat Carriers. Puppy Purses. Pet Strollers. Dog Crates. Cat Perches. Litter Boxes. Doggy Steps. Scratching Posts.  Its all here.  

Whether it's by licking their face, rubbing aginst their leg, or howling through the night until they wake up, get your owners attention, take them to this site and tell them what you want.   

Wag Your Tail While You Shop 









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