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    photo-42Hi…I’m Allie.  I’m a now ten going on eleven year old black labradoodle born May 7, 2004 in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  The daughter of a beautiful black labrador retreiver (Mom) and standard poodle (Dad).  I haven’t seen either for years…I hope they had wonderful lifes, just like I have.  They would be quite old by now, of course, so they probably have passed by now.

    Anyway, I’m going to use this blog to slowly fill you in on my life so far, and my life going forward as events unfold.

    Briefly, I was born on an Amish farm in Ohio, moved to an apartment in Cuyahoga Falls at 14 weeks and then to a Condominium in Green Ohio when I was 2.  I’ve lived there ever since, a very spacious and comfortable dwelling, to be honest.  Lot’s of fun, some hard times to…but all in all a great life so far.

    I’ll tell you more a little later.  Thanks for reading about me.